In the new student-centred model, NSFAS will:

  1. Be in contact with learners from as early as Grade 9, so that they know which loans and bursaries they can apply for before they leave school.
  2. Have a central process for students to apply for NSFAS loans and bursaries. Students will be able to apply directly to NSFAS online and we will inform students on the progress of their applications by SMS and email.
  3. Have a new system to answer students’ questions and to provide information about loans and bursaries.

This new NSFAS student-centred system will be in place by the end of 2013, and will be implemented for all universities and FET colleges by 2016. In 2014 the first group of universities to use the new system will be:

  1. Durban University of Technology
  2. Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
  3. Sol Plaatje University
  4. University of Cape Town
  5. University of Mpumalanga
  6. University of South Africa
  7. University of Venda

In 2014 the first group of FET colleges to use the new system will be:

  1. Ekurhuleni East FET College
  2. King Hintsa FET College
  3. Motheo FET College
  4. South Cape FET College
  5. Umfolozi FET College

In the new system NSFAS will continue to pay tuition and residence fees directly to each university or college. Allowances for private accommodation, food, books and transport will be paid directly to students by NSFAS.

If you want to study at any of the universities or colleges in phase 1 in 2014, you can apply directly to NSFAS for student financial aid. Please fill in the NSFAS Application Form and attach the required documents, then send the form to NSFAS at apply@nsfas.org.za or post it to NSFAS at:

Private Bag X4
Cape Town
South Africa

If you want to study at any other university or FET college in 2014, you must apply for student financial aid at the university or FET college where you want to study.


  1. I would please like 2 further my studies. I want to study police,at Tshwane University of Technology. Please assist me with a Bursary

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